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I went to check out Springfit’s Saturday morning toddler session (9am from 2 years).
This session was held at Hazelwick school in Crawley which has bags of free parking on site and was really easy to find. When we arrived the coaches, headed up by the lovely Katie, made a real effort to welcome my nervy toddler. I was immediately impressed with the amount of kit they had. They are a big gymnastics and trampolining school serving from 2 years to adults and a total of 1200 students attending over 100 sessions across the week at 7 venues and it shows. The set up is very comprehensive in the eyes of a gymnastics novice like myself. 

The session lasts around an hour with three parts

  • Warm up games which the kids clearly loved. Equal parts following instructions and wild running about like no-ones watching in true toddler fashion.
  • Trampolining – the children were guided by a really high ratio of skilled and enthusiastic coaches who encourage them to practice new skills on the trampoline and right from the off they can work towards skills badges if they wish and thereby earn a much revered sticker. Although, there was also an emphasis on the kids just enjoying it! And my little one just loved getting so much bouncing time!
  • Gymnastics – involved the children navigating across a set up of equipment including balance bars, parallel bars and a trampet. And then, my personal favourite, bouncing and rolling down a huge inflatable pillow (which I’m sure has a more technical term but I would definitely love having a go after a glass of wine – that’s my next birthday party sorted!!)



My daughter had a slightly nervy start (my polite way of saying she threw a screaming tantrum on arrival – somewhat embarrassing and unrelated to the class I might add!) and did take a bit of time watching before she joined in, but the staff were patient, kind and gently encouraged her without being pushy. She soon started to settle, and all the following week everyone who entered the house was treated to a performance of her spinning bounces! So I think it gets the thumbs up from her!

The session is designed as an introduction to gymnastics and trampolining and builds foundations upon which they can build if they choose to continue either or both once they get older. Children enrolled on this course also get priority for spots on the much sought after course for 4 years +. A trial class is £8.00 and it’s £33.75 per month to enrol after that (so just shy of £8.00 per session. Classes run all year round at a number of locations across Sussex.


What other parents say

This is Milo’s first ever sporty group/lessons he has been to. He is quite shy and usually struggles with joining in with group activities so I was a little bit worried at first about how he would get on. But Springfit has really helped his confidence massively (in and outside of gymnastics) and I have been so impressed with how the coaches find time to work with Milo and really encourage him to join in! That alone has made Milo love and feel more confident about coming to gymnastics each week. He is like a different boy in his class and I love watching him enjoy himself and learn new things. I’m so glad we chose these classes – well done Springfit!

Parents of Milo

What they say

“I feel so lucky to have grown up enjoying participating in Springfit classes for many years and when I was invited to be a coach I jumped at the chance! It is such a rewarding job to see the smiles of so many children that we look after. Springfit has supported me throughout getting qualified and I’m proud to say I now own a Springfit Club of my own in Copthorne. Ever since I became Head Coach I knew it was the right career for me and I am now helping others achieve their dream of getting a job doing something they love. It’s just like being a teacher but without all the extra stress. Just a lot of fun!”

Katie – Funfit Class Head Coach at Hazelwick & Franchise Owner in Copthorne


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