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days for kids


Our Story is for the busy parents, grandparents, childminders, uncles & aunties. Anyone looking after kids in and around Central Sussex.

Its for the rainy days, the stunning, we must get to the beach days, the last week of the school holi-days, the magical Christmasy days, the big spend, out till late days, and the need something to kill an hour days.

Whether the children in your life are yet to be born babies, or ‘how are they taller than me?!’ teenagers. There is something for you. We list and review days out venues, parks, after school clubs, party ideas, any type of class from swimming to maths to pottery, and anything other businesses wanting to let families know about the amazing variety in offer here in our wonderful Sussex.

The Launch

The website will be launching early 2019, like us on Facebook or click Stay in Touch for updates.


We also love to hear from businesses who want to be listed (all for free). Its super easy. Just click Get Involved and enter the details of your business and get your listing up and running!

Parents & Carers

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